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How to make Glutathione Soap

Posted on June 29th, 2009

Glutathione is substance present in almost all living organisms. It has many known health benefits including its ability to regulate the action of “lesser antioxidant.” It is also known to give a fairer and whiter skin. That is why, health, beauty and wellness industry use glutathione as agent to achieve this long aspiration of both men and women to have whiter skin.

However, despite glutathione’s well known health benefits, still a lot of people are hesitant to take glutathione orally, afraid of the adverse reaction that might occur. Rather, they would prefer using it through external use- by applying to skin. With this, the health, beauty and wellness industry found ways to address these concerns. They have come up with different glutathione- containing products that can be used externally like soap.

This circumstance has been considered as a business opportunity by Leng Aveno, a lecturer about soap making at ESF Cakes and Bread House. She stated that making an herbal soap with glutathione can be a home-based start up business for those who are planning to put up their own business.

In making herbal glutathione soap, the following equipment will be needed:

hand mixer
Hand mixer
small containers
13.2inches x 16.7 inches mold- this mold will be used to make a long bar soap that could be cut into 60 bar soaps.

• If mold of this size is not available, you can improvise your own mold.

Materials needed:

Titanium dioxide- 60 ml
Sodium silicate- 60 ml
Moisturizer (castor oil)- 60 ml
cocodiethanolamide (CDEA)- 60 ml
kamias extract (Averrhoa bilimbi)- 60 ml
Apple extract- 60 ml
Evaporated milk- 60 ml
Anti-bacterial liquid- 3 ml
Preservative (phenoxy ethanol) 3 ml
Lye solution (caustic soda) -- 3.2 L
Coconut oil (cooking oil) -- 6 kg
Glutathione capsules- 12 pcs (white capsules)
Fragrance- 100 ml
Distilled water- 4L


1. Dissolve 60 grams of titanium dioxide in 1.5L of water and 1 kilo of caustic soda to 2.5 L of water. Distilled water is better used than tap water to avoid contamination.
2. In preparation of the kamias extract, ferment 1 kilo of bilimbi fruit (kamias) in a jar then add 2 tablespoon of salt. Strain it after 24 hours to get the extract.
3. For apple extract, cut and blend one apple. Using cheesecloth, strain to get the extract.
4. Place the coconut oil in a pail.
5. Remove the glutathione powder from the capsule and mix it with the coconut oil until fully dissolved.
6. Put the ingredients into the mix. Make sure you will follow the sequence of placing the ingredients to avoid producing rough soap; sodium silicate, CDEA, moisturizer, kamias extract, apple extract, milk, titanium dioxide, preservative, the anti-bacterial liquid and the fragrance.
7. Using a hand mixer, mix the ingredients properly.
8. While continuously mixing, gradually pour the lye solution into the mixture. Make sure that it will only be mixed in one direction to avoid swirls or cloudy effect on the soap.
9. Continue mixing until the mixture gets finer just like that of a condensed milk.
Note. The soap will feel rough and itchy to the skin if not properly mixed.
10. Place plastic cutouts to the mold to prevent the soup from sticking into the mold
Pour the liquid mixture. Level and smoothen the top portion of the soap with the use of a scraper.
11. Allow five hours to cure once it becomes smooth.
12. Observe for signs of hardening such as change in color and heat released by the soap. If the soap hardens after five hours, wait for it to cool down before removing it to the mold and cutting into smaller pieces. Ensure that the edges of the soap are smooth.
13. Soap can only be used after 24 hours.

The condition of glutathione herbal soaps can last up to 1.5 years. It is better to use soaps which are 8 months old because it has already cured very well. Because no preservatives were used, glutathione herbal soaps will shrink about 5 grams after a year.

Finishing touches on the soap depends on how you would like it to be attractive to other people. It is necessary to include the ingredients in the label of the soap. Prices of glutathione herbal soap range from P100-P130. Marketing strategy will be important in advertising your product. You can use websites as means to promote and sell your product.

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3 Responses to “How to make Glutathione Soap”

  1. Grace L. Danao on August 31st, 2011 at 3:53 pm

    How much is the cost for making the 60 pieces glutathione soap? Is there an organized seminar where I could attend? Is kojic soap-making also available? Thank You.

  2. Ms.A Ragandap on October 3rd, 2011 at 5:18 am

    how much is the cost of making glutahione soap and scented candles for a small business starters thanks

  3. maui oblino on November 3rd, 2014 at 8:33 am

    How much is the costing pls send me some info and where can i attend a semminar to know more about soap making…thank you pls reply

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