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5 Ways a Fulfillment Partner Can Help to Make Online Business Easier

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You’ve started your online business or succeeded in fund raising in the Kick starter campaign. Congratulations! Everything seams to work on the right track while challenges emerge at the same time. For example, here are some of the top order fulfilment challenges:

  • “My business develops by leaps and bounds, but I don’t have the ability and energy to process more orders faster…”
  • “I sell on multi-channel platforms, but I lack inventory and order management software to handle multi-channel orders…”
  • “I am looking to promote my brand via custom packaging with my own logo but Amazon FBA only provides packing with Amazon branded logo…”


If these are the problems bothering you as well, maybe it’s time to seek help from a third party China warehousing services company who specialized in streamlining all you fulfillment needs. Below are 5 awesome ways that a fulfillment partner helps to simplify your online business against the above challenges.

  1. Warehousing Fulfillment Services

If you do not want to take time and money to operate your own warehouse, then a fulfillment warehouse from a third party suits you well. A China-based order fulfillment center ChinaDivision, for example, offers free warehousing for the first three months, which greatly meets needs and budget for online sellers. Leveraging on their professional workforce and forefront facilities, they help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of fulfillment process.

  1. API Integration Technology

Many order fulfillment partners provide API integration with various shopping carts, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Amazon and so on, so that they can help handle multi-channel orders efficiently and accurately. You also have a real-time monitoring of inventory status via the WMS(Warehouse Management System).

  1. Brand Upgrading Services

Building a successful brand can be difficult and time-consuming, especially in the case that Amazon FBA do not allow customized packaging with your own branded logo. A third party order fulfillment center can be a better alternative in terms of brand upgrading in the following ways:

  • Add marketing inserts to increase your customer loyalty and boost sales.
  • Apply SKU or barcode Labels if you do not already have them
  • Package your products in customized boxes in your preferred style
  1. Kitting and Assembly

Your fulfillment partner can coordinate the receiving of your separate products from various suppliers and group the products into one shipment for the identical person and address, saving you both on packaging and postage and simplify the distribution process.

  1. Global Shipping Service

Once orders are picked and packed according to your requirement, they are ready to ship worldwide by the shipping method that you prefer. Utilizing the long term relationship with a wide range of shipping carriers, your fulfillment partner can get you discounted shipping rates.

Online business doesn’t have to be so complicated. Try to outsource the order fulfillment, and you just focus on selling.

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