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All You Need To Know About Storm International Darren Keane

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Darren Keane is the CEO of Storm International company that Develops and operates famous international games and entertainment companies. He is not only the chief executive officer for an internationally recognized entertainment and game developer company but also an investor who was in news for making investing money in many famous restaurants, bars, casinos among other places.

About Storm International

Storm International is the internationally recognized company dealing with several projects located in different countries like Germany, Mexico, Romania, Byelorussia, Armenia and Georgia. It is a global development company dealing in the casino and entertainment industry’s development. Storm International Darren Keane, Chief Executive Officer of this company, has successfully made the company a famous name among the game developers and entertainment organization operators. The company has been recently in News for opening of the Shangri La Casino located in Tbilisi in Georgia, the famous opening of the Shalimar slots in Bucharest, Byelorussia, Romania and Minsk in Russia.


Latest Investments by Storm International

The company is all set to invest in the storm Casinos further and extend them to 2 more locations in the famous rich country, Germany. The Chief Executive Officer of the Company, Mr. Darren Keane himself has announced that he is planning to make a big investment in Ukraine. The only barricade is the government of Ukraine which the company is waiting to hear from regarding the permission and the official paperwork of legislation, tax rates and license following which the development and construction process could be started. So far the News has been that the Government of Ukraine is in support of the development.

Recently the company has opened a VIP Casino and five star Hotel named ‘Shangri La X O’ inside which the casino is located, equipped with all the latest gaming machines and modern amenities. In the most recent annual meet up of Storm International, Darren Keane has announced that the company has seen a growth of 12 % which is 5 % more than the last time’s.

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