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Brightening up Your New London Office

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Getting a new office… Before you the move you have to make sure that your office is for you. This means securing a good location, making sure it’s affordable and also the right size for you.

Now that you’ve gone through the hassle of finding a London Office Removal Service, preparing, packing and now you’re stood in your office but it looks super boring, bland and just not you.

So here are a few things you can do to brighten up your office and make working a little easier by having a pleasant environment to work hard in!

Colour Scheme and Layout.


Probably a very obvious point but your colour scheme and layout are vital for a relaxed working environment. Firstly, the colour scheme must be correct. Take into account the atmosphere. Certain colours provoke certain moods such as red provokes anger and stress. You can still use red using the right amounts and placing the colour in the correct spots. This is where layout comes into play. Placing your office furniture can also make provoke different emotions and can really change the feel of the environment. If you wish to go for a relaxed, spacious atmosphere, make sure to centre your objects to the side, with very minimal things in the middle, or dedicate the furniture to certain points within the office. Bright wallpaper, painted walls or artwork can also bring a pop to your workplace.

The Little Things.


The use of colours also works within your stationary. Stationary is also good to bring a fun, or serious environment. If you have quite a minimalistic look to your office, using a few bits of colour within stationary or office supplies will help with keeping your theme, while adding a little flair and feeling to your office.

Not only does this help with your office, by using certain stationary, it can be practical (so you can use the furniture), impractical (for show or display) or simply bring a smile to your everyday work life (by buying novelty and decorative supplies).

Make sure that all the colours match as having your office look like a rainbow splatter may work in some instances but most the time makes it look messier, unorganised and can give the look of an unprofessional business.

Offices do NOT have to be boring, miserable and dingy.
Using these tips can ensure that not only the building but will guarantee a better mood to everyday work life.

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