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Convert Business Videos for Compatibility with Movavi Video Converter

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It is normal for any business to have to deal with videos in a variety of different formats. However because no formats are ‘universally’ compatible, it is often necessary to be able to convert them to other formats from time to time – so that your business videos are compatible and can be distributed or shared internally or externally.

As you probably know it takes special software to convert videos to different formats. While there are several options out there, few will provide you with as user-friendly an approach as Movavi Video Converter. Frankly it is so easy to use that all you need to do is:


  1. Click ‘Add Media’ then ‘Add Video’ and select the business video that you want to convert.
  2. Go to the ‘Video’ tab and select the format you want to convert it to, or go to the ‘Device’ tab if you’d prefer to choose a preset for a specific device and have the software automatically use the best format and settings accordingly.
  3. Click ‘Convert’ to start converting the business video.

Before you know it your business video should be converted and automatically saved in the destination folder that was specified. If you want to convert any other videos you can repeat these steps, or even add multiple videos to Movavi Video Converter to convert them all at once.

That should help you to convert your business videos from MP4 to MOV, AVI to WMV, FLV to MKV or any other formats you need. However there are many more features in Movavi Video Converter that can help you to tweak your videos and prepare them in numerous ways.

Some of the features in Movavi Video Converter will let you process your video, by cutting and joining video segments, enhancing its quality, cropping and rotating, or even adding customizable text fields to it. Additionally you could convert audio and image files, create animated GIFs from video clips, grab screenshots from individual frames of video, or extract the audio track from a video.

The sheer scope of features that are present in Movavi Video Converter may appear daunting at first, but they’ll provide you with a valuable all-in-one media converter that is flexible enough to be useful on many different fronts. In short it is something that every business could benefit from and will help you to deal with your videos easily enough.

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