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How to Enter the Business Administration Field and Succeed

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It could be possible that you are looking for a suitable career in business.  Although there are other options, the best field is business administration. As a business administrator, you can lead big public corporations and private businesses.  Hence, you need a sober personality and a focused mind.

Education Requirements

To work as a business administrator, you must have an associate degree. This degree guarantees an entry level job position. But if you have a bachelor’s degree, you are likely to qualify for major business roles. This is because this degree equips you with great organizational and management skills. Your prospects will get even better if you earn an MBA (Masters in Business Administration). In just one or two years you will have your MBA, and it will unlock better employment opportunities. As a top executive, you could do a certification program via the Institute of Certified Professional Managers. It entails three exams and will give you a Certified Manager, CM, status.


Your work as a business administrator

Having a career in business administration makes you a versatile professional. By the time you are done schooling, you are knowledgeable about Information Technology, ethics and international relationships and leadership dynamics.  In addition to this, you have ample opportunities to grow your career. Your paths are many, challenging and rewarding all at the same time. As your career evolves, your skill set will keep on swelling and you will become a top business executive. At the peak of your career, you will be manning thousands of people. Here is a brief outline of your duties as a business administrator

  • Create and implement organization-wide goals, policies and procedures.
  • Oversee and direct activities related to budget creation.
  • Create and apply new technologies in the organization.
  • Improve operations by involving other managers, board of directors and subordinates.
  • Choose heads of departments and company managers.
  • Review financial statements, performance indicators, and sales reports.
  • Help the organization cut its overheads by amending structures, policies, and programs

Your career targets

It is boring to be a junior staff all your life. Hence, you should aim at boosting your career path.  As a holder of a BA degree, you have a chance to work across industries and organizational departments. If you attain your MBA degree, and later complete your Doctor of Business Administration studies, you will become a distinguished leader with the highest level of competence in doing research. Besides working as a senior manager, you can become a lecturer or a research professional. You will definitely become a Chief Financial Officer, Chief Information Officer, and Chief Operating Officer or even a General and Operations Manager. So, start by getting your business administration degree today.

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