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How you can opt for right centrifugal fan?

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A huge variety of industrial application is served by centrifugal fan where it structure is quite different than a ceiling fan where the blades of the fan are extended from the fan’s radius, attached to the fan motor. However the principle is similar as of ceiling fan but application is what make it for industrial purpose. Centrifugal fans and blowers are highly used in industries to increase the airflow and its volume. It is necessary to understand about the features and specification of centrifugal fans and to select a centrifugal fan you can see along with some basic information which make your more likely to take a fair selection.

Choosing right centrifugal fan –

You can only decide for  right centrifugal fans with the proper knowledge about its purposes, applications, types and working which make you to choose for specific need and according to your preference watching over the quality and reliability of product.


  1. Choose by Blade type of centrifugal fans : According to specific purpose for a industry, centrifugal comes in basic four variety as differentiation of its blade type :
    1. Forward curve blades: it comes with high air flow which can be used for cleaning air, exhaust uses and ventilation; and posses medium pressure.
    2. Backward curve blade: The high efficiency fans are of high pressure and reduce its power with increase of flow in most efficient areas of system.
    3. Radial blades: It is considered best centrifugal fans for the industrial application which works best with gas, air, dust or moisture.
    4. Airfoil curve: Consider it best for cleaning industrial application as it possesses highest efficiency among other types.
  2. Choosing by the type of environment or surrounding: you can also choose your fan according the surrounding where you are going to use it.
    1. Dirt/Muddy/Dirty Environment: The most favorable efficiency you can get best in TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) motors which are lifelong durable with high performance capacity.
    2. Outdoor Surrounding: The direct drive TEFC motor will be best for your outdoor environment and better with weather cover.
    3. Hazardous Environment: Any Environment where you need to be cautious about any possibility of damage or accident, you should better go with an non-sparkling fan or blower.
    4. Corrosion affected environment: Along with stainless wash duty motor, you should select a steel blower in a wet, moisture or humid environment.
  3. Other essential factors: Not only the blade type and environment selection, there are other some many factors which you should consider before buying like air quality, type of fan, velocity and so on.


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