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Know about Lanyards: A mini guide to know better

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Nearly every day you may encounter lanyards  but you are suppose to be more clear on that, how well you know about lanyards as people are just unfamiliar with this name however not with uses. Basically these are the chords or wires where at other end; they are suspended for particular purpose. Like it can be Neck lanyard or promotional kind of them .the differences varies in-between these types according to their use.


What Lanyards are all about?

Lanyards are mostly about expressing your self –identity or kind of social expression you are working with or what you represent. The representation of your motto means all about for the lanyards which suppose to keep as token of identity, awareness, cause, reference, promotions and ownership. The variety not only according to the purpose but also by the size, type and color is very vast.

Types of Lanyards

There are various kinds of lanyards along with custom lanyards where you can get customized your need, design, imprints, images, materials and other graphics according to your requirements.

  1. Plain or simple Lanyards: The elementary, basic or very simplistic form of lanyard falls under this category where these are just simple cords or strings without any kind of image, batch or imprinting. They are for smaller circles or area just like working in small organization used for floor differentiation basis.
  2. Beaded lanyard : The most stylish version of lanyards among any of them with not only used fir function but sort of style statement where it has some kind of specific characteristics alike holding camera in it, pen attachment or pen drive and alike anything.
  3. Badge Lanyard : The most common type you can easily check on any commercial, organizational or professional place where it is used to carry a badge ,self attached image with identification proof for particular organization assigned for specific work or post at one side is what it does.

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