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Know about the various projects related to agro agriculture

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As you know the forestry investment is becoming worldwide famous for the investment purposes. GWD Group is working for connecting and managing the investors to the agro forestry plantation. This company is operator as well as accesses the agro forestry projects. There are several projects and services started by the company in different parts of the world.

Projects and services

GWD Forestry is the part of this company focus on investments on the lands and plants. Here are some products started by the company.


  • Christmas tree project – A Christmas is incomplete without the Christmas tree. The company knows the fact that the demand of Christmas tree is higher in last month of the year. For satisfying those demand they started planting Christmas trees on various lands. The company exports millions of Christmas trees across all over the world. These plants are directly sold in wholesale and then to the local markets
  • Green coconut project- As you all know that the demand of coconut is increasing day by day because of its benefits. Coconut is good for health as well as for looking beautiful. As looking the growth in demand for green coconut, the company starts growing these plants. The coconut used in various things and it is the best health drink for body builders. It is also used in kitchen for various recipes and drinks. Many of people also used coconut in the cocktail.
  • Mixed hardwood project- the hardwood is used in making different furniture, and construction material. It is one of the most expensive woods and it is only used in high quality things. The hardwood is very long and large in size. The company starts planting the hardwood (African mahogany) after looking the rapid growth in demand and the rate in the market.

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