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Know everything about yahoo mail

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As you know, internet is part of the great revolutions that happen in human’s life. Nowadays, no one can imagine their life without an internet. Afterall there are so many companies that are running online. Not only that, but for everything you need an internet in your phone. There are so many things that you can do on the internet, you can contact with anyone via social media, send messages, photos, and even you can do video chatting.


Email is part of the important things that are used in almost every company. It made people’s life faster and easier. Now you can send messages from anywhere to everywhere. Yahoo mail is not only meant for sending your emails, there are so many things like you can do like collecting newsletters, receipts, and communicate with friends or business partners. For that, you need an app that can help you in organizing your important stuffs to your email address. However, it’s really hard to choose best because there are so many apps that can assist you in solving your problem.  But you can download iemail for getting better features and working performance. IMail manages Yahoo emails and also provides you a better speed.

Know about the features

Free storage: you are getting 1TB space in your yahoo imail for free of cost. That means, you can access anything without worrying about storage space. Not only that you are getting so much of space without paying anything.

Free ad blocking system: as you know, the day that every time popped up whenever you are going to access your email account. It’s an irritating, stupid and annoying things that slow down your internet speed, so if you don’t want to see those ads than then you can turn them off.

Attach almost everything; one of the best feature that you are getting is Yahoo mail Mac file attachments. You can attach a video. Photo, files etc with your email. Not to forget that, you are getting an excellent speed for doing all these works.

Why use iMail?

So, you are just thinking about why you should use iMail for organizing your mails? Well, for your information iMail consider as one of the best email organizing app. It is available in three different viewing modes, so you can choose anyone according to your choice, the viewing mode you will get is people view, conversation view and attachments view.

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