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Mel Gibson Criticizes Violence in Marvel Movies

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Director of films such as The Braveheart, The Passion of the Christ and Apocalypto, Mel Gibson is known for presenting intensely violent scenes in his film productions. But, according to him, violence is not so strong, but necessary.

In an interview with The Washington Post via ComicBook, filmmaker Mel Gibson lamented what he sees as unconscious violence in many of his films.

He says that, talking about the issue of violence, look at Marvel movies. They are more violent than any movies I’ve ever done before, but in my movies you care about the characters, which makes it more important to the movie. That’s all I say, said Mel Gibson.


Is it even that Marvel’s violent content, whose films generally have a low indicative rating, is larger than the lengths directed by Mel Gibson? Avengers, Civil War, Guardians of the Galaxy being this one of the most deadly films in the history of cinema and others may even show fights and violence, but few of them display blood like the productions of filmmaker Mel Gibson.

Incidentally, Gibson’s next project is Hacksaw Ridge, a true story about the first Conscious Opponent in American history: Army medic Desmond T. Doss Andrew Garfield who refuses to take up arms and kill people but still leaves for the Second World War.

The premise of the mega movie seems to go against the blood-and-gut-violence shown on Mel Gibson’s lengths, but the director seemed more than willing to discuss his violent scenes from his films.

The action almost has to be violent do not want to be insensitive about it but it has to be like a sporting event. You must know who is who, who are their protagonists, who is doing what, to what direction of the screen everything is going. In the middle of that, you have to have what looks like chaos. It is ordered chaos.

Precisely because of this contradiction, he asserts that Hacksaw Ridge should not be an intellectual experience. On the contrary: I’m trying to get to your animal. It is. This is war. I am going to make a visceral experience, completely emotional and immersive.

Starring Andrew Garfield, Vince Vaughn, Sam Worthington and Teresa Palmer, Hacksaw Ridge is scheduled to hit theaters Jan. 12. Already the current Marvel film, Doctor Stranger, is in theaters.

Mel Gibson is no longer an action movie star as in the 1990s. However, with each new feature from the electrifying Plan of Escape to the recent Blood Heritage, through the hits Machete Mata and The Mercenaries 3, the veteran actor Shows that he has much to teach the younger ones. That is why the industry does not forget about it and has already invited him to a new project.

According to the THR, Gibson is negotiating to star in Every Other Weekend, a feature film directed by Frenchman Benjamin Rocher’s “Legion of Evil” and produced by Clément Miserez, Jean-Charles Levy and Peter Safran, of the successful Horror Invocation franchise. The trio plans to start filming for the film later this year.

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