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One Man’s Journey to Success as A Millennial Entrepreneur

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The road to success certainly has its ups and downs, curves, straight paths, headaches, and pleasures. That’s certainly the case for millennial entrepreneur Johnathon King who co owns and operates PlacementSEO, an internet marketing agency that’s headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina and Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania.

We reached out to John hoping to ask him some questions about PlacementSEO, his past business ventures, and asked if he would be willing to share any expert tips and advice with our readers. Below you will find our questions sent to John and his responses.

Question: When and why did you decide to become an entrepreneur? John replied, “I was sixteen when I started my first business Meteor Pages, a web hosting company that I started locally in Cody, Wyoming. At that point on my life I had decided to explore the idea of business because I liked the idea of being my own boss. I quickly learned that there was no such thing as being your own boss, instead, clients we’re my boss. Without them I would have no work and no paycheck.”


Question: What would you consider to be the most notable mistake during your first business venture? John said, “Being quite the big head back in my earlier years I always wanted people to think I was bigger than I really was. Seriously, at one point I had myself convinced I was making thousands of dollars per month, when in reality I was making pennies on the dollar. The mistake was the fact that I wasn’t willing to be honest with myself, and to make things worse, that failure moved to my clients also.”

Question: Have you ever successfully lead a round of investments from capitalists? John’s answer, “I have, when I was nineteen years old I approached my very first opportunity to raise money for an online business which resulted in a four-million-dollar round. Three years later I exited that partnership and returned to Wyoming shortly after.”

Question: What was your best and worst experiences dealing with investor and group partners? King’s response, “Honestly, there were not many positive experiences with this particular venture. I recall the best experience being that I had been given a great opportunity to travel overseas for a month, expense free. The worst mistake made in our partnership was giving up eighty percent of the business for the first round of investment. Another mistake was made when the decision to partner with a same skill set partner was made. This made it hard to assign specific responsibilities to each other.”

Soon after exciting his capital partnership John moved back to Wyoming where he met his wife onlinethrough Eharmony, got married, and soon after moved to Pennsylvania where he currently lives. We asked John about his latest venture which you can find our correspondence below.

Question: What are you currently offering to clients who are part of your latest venture, PlacementSEO? John King’s response, “Currently, PlacementSEO offers strategic mention acquisition that offers our clients the chance to get placed on some of the largest publishers online. These mentions come from publishers such as Forbes, HuffingtonPost,,, Wall Street Journal, and many more. These mentions add credibility and trust for our client’s brand which result in client end revenue growth.”

Question: What we’re your revenue expectations when starting PlacementSEO, what we’re the revenue results six months later, and lastly, how did you manage to reach your goal? King’s response, “When my partner and I first started PlacementSEO we set the expectation to reach thirty thousand dollars each month within six months of opening our doors. Our first month we barely broke six thousand dollars which at the time was pretty encouraging and proved our niche concept. The second month we broke fifteen thousand. To date, our fourth month in full-time business, we’ve broken five-hundred and fifty thousand dollars in gross revenue. The key to success for any business is to set realistic expectations. Once those expectations are set you need to plan to shatter those goals. This is what our team did and it worked. Finally, you need to find your true niche and then exploit the hell out of it while ensuring you are providing value to your clients.

Question: What was the best decision you have made while manning the ropes at PlacementSEO? John’s response, “The best decision was to leave my other job for PlacementSEO. As entrepreneurs already know, business has a lot of risk, but it’s the risk that should motivate you to make your product or service successful. If it weren’t for literally risking it all for business I would be nowhere near where I am today.”

Question: You mentioned you had a partner in PlacementSEO, how did you meet? King’s response, “Believe it or not we actually met online through an internet marketplace called Warriorforum. Gary was actually a freelancer client of mine and after having worked with him for a couple of months it made total sense to go into business together. We both have excellent knowledge concerning SEO, and we’re both great at selling. These two factors made me feel comfortable going into business with someone I hadn’t even met yet in real life. It wasn’t until July of 2016 that I actually met Gary and his family in Hershey Pennsylvania.

Question: What’s the best piece of advice you can offers readers who are considering opening their own business? John replied, “Listen, do not, under any circumstances, let people tell you something isn’t impossible. If you want it, get up and get it done. Stop procrastinating, stop telling yourself why it can’t work and start telling yourself that it CAN work. If you never ask for something the answer will always be no and if you never take the first step you will always be in the same place as you were yesterday. Something else Ill mention is this, always hold on to as much equity as possible. When and if you ever need investors, never give up control. The moment you give up control is the moment you lose your entire business.


Final Question: Including all of your business experiences, what’s the single most important lesson you have learned that you feel should be shared with our readers? King’s final response, “The most important lesson I have learned is this. The only person you have something to prove to is yourself. Stop listening to all of the noise of friends, family, and other peers. If you really want something, go get it, work for it, live for it. I think the most stressful day as a PlacementSEO business owner was the day I called my dad to tell him I quit my fulltime healthcare job for business. The phone got quiet and the responses we’re short. But let me say this, four months later, I’m happy, making more money, and I absolutely LOVE what I do. Do not ever feel as if you owe someone an explanation for starting a new career, JUST DO IT! “

John King currently resides in Pennsylvania where he manages, full time, PlacementSEO, a professional internet marketing agency. For more information about John and PlacementSEO, please visit his website.

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