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Should you create a round logo for your website?

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Like FreelanceLogoDesign, using a round or circular logo on your website is becoming quite popular. They look good as your social media profile photo, stands out in a sea of traditional logo design layout, so should you design a round logo for your business? Well, the answer really depends on your brand image. Perhaps some round logo design inspiration is what you really need.

Famous round logo designs


Burger King

Round website logo inspiration

Another aspect to consider is how will a circular logo look on your website. Here are some well designed websites with round logos

Round logo on the left corner

Round logo placed in the center

Well matched color scheme between logo and website

Round badge logo on a contrast background

Create your round logo with transparent background

 Finally, since you can’t have a round image file. Your need to have a transparent logo background in order for your round logo to blend well with your website.

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