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The Kind Of Damages Can You Make A Claim For

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Accidents can be vehicular or otherwise. You can slip on a wet floor at a restaurant or many other similar things can happen. There are consequences to accidents, and if you are on the receiving end of it then you are most likely suffer quite a bit. The thing with accidents is you can’t possibly know how far reaching the consequences will be for you. North Miami lawyers can easily help you get the best outcome from an accident.


Minor injuries can turn major:

There are quite a few cases when minor injuries become major issue due to complications. If you handle your case yourself then you probably would end up settling for the first offer that you get from the offender’s insurance company. This will be disastrous for you if there are complications later on as you will not be able to demand more money later on if you have settled earlier. This is why you should have a North Miami lawyer, he will be able to advice you when it’s the right time for you to settle.

Damages due to emotional trauma:

Apart from the physical injury caused to you, accidents can also leave mental scars that may change the course of your life. There might be PTSD, paranoia, depression, excessive stress etc. all stemming from the accident. You can claim compensation from the person who caused your accident for such trauma.  Pain and suffering is not a quantitative term, but it is taken into account when a case goes into trial. The stronger the medications prescribed to you and the longer that you have to take them; the longer you are suffering as per the jury and the insurance company. So, the settlement amount offered to you or the compensation awarded to you will be increased if the pain and suffering is considered to be more.

Damages due to loss of wage:

An accident can put you in bed for a considerable amount of time. You might be unable to continue with your job, you might have to take long leaves and go without wages for months. You might even lose your job if the recovery time is very long. Once your economic loss is assessed, you can demand compensation for the same from the insurance company or the offender.

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