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What are Impulse Heat Sealers & How do they Work?

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Impulse Heat Sealers are a type of bag sealer used in packaging that fuses the ends of the package together to form a protective barrier against the elements. Impulse sealers come in a variety of sizes, can include one or two heating elements, and can be semi-automatic or manual. With such variety, impulse heat sealers are a great option when it comes to preserving products and storing materials. For those of you who are unaware of how they work, here is an in-depth explanation:


The Process

The process of impulse heat sealing incorporates both cooling and heating. First impulse heat is applied, followed by a period of cooling that allows the seal to harden. Impulse heat sealers require one or two heating elements between a strong synthetic rubber and some type of film surface. The heat is then only created during the flow of currents rather than continuously. The two elements are held in place with pressure and an electric current is used to heat the elements until they have reached the desired temperature. The cooling portion functions as a final sealant, allowing the plastic area to seal completely and ensuring the maximum seal. The final product results in clean and strong seal.


Impulse sealing offers several advantages due to the variety it is offered in. For example, medical device packaging companies use the process in a large-scale to ensure their devices are kept sterilized and preserved during the delivery process. Industries like the health industry rely on manufacturing processes that ensure products are taken care of from manufacturing, to distribution and utilization. Health products must pass a series of tests to prove sterility and the impulse heat sealer makes the regulations and requirements easy to follow. However, the process can also be used on a much smaller scale since it accommodates small, medium and large bags.

The sizes make it so that both the tiniest product and the larger ones can be protected. This range in variety also means that the price range is varying. Smaller businesses or people seeking the product for personal use would be able to find affordable options, while larger orders like the medical device packaging companies would expect to be paying significantly more for the service. There are also different options you can opt to pay more for with your bags, including analog timers or advanced microprocessors.

Impulse heat sealers are a great option for both small and large companies that need to be able to excellently seal and preserve sterilized materials. The process ensures the strongest seal and allows for many options when it comes to size and pricing. Hopefully if you have been considering the product, but felt you did not know enough about it, you now feel confident in the process. Make sure to assess your individual needs as a company and price out your options, but we’re confident that impulse heat sealing will keep all of your products protected from damage, corrosion, contamination and ensure lasting high quality products.

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