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What Can an Immigration Solicitor Do?

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Everyone knows what a solicitor is and what their job is but do you know what immigration solicitors can do? We have the answers to all your questions below. Immigration solicitors specialize in nationality, citizenship and any immigration issues that one may come across.

How Can Immigration Solicitors Help Me?

An immigration attorney can help you gain the right visa if you want to visit a country. For example, if you want to go to Africa for a holiday then you will need to gain the correct visa to be able to pass the border. If on the other hand you want to go and work or study in another country then these types of lawyers can help you gain exactly what you need.


There are numerous situations in which such a lawyer can help you and will make the whole procedure quicker and easier for you. They will fill out all the overwhelming paperwork and get the hard work done for you. You may also find yourself in need of an immigration lawyer if you come across court proceedings in a foreign country and need to understand the law and such.

Even if you are not sure if you really need one then book a consultation to find out how they can help you. Here are some of the things you should ask when you go for your consultation.

How much do you charge and what will the overall price be for what I need?

What complications can we come across?

What do you need from me and when?

Is there anything important I should know before going forward?

These are the top questions which clients ask their lawyers in any circumstance and these are the questions you should have prepared so that you can be clearer on what is happening.

Most people can deal with obtaining visas and citizen ships themselves but in the case that you have language barriers, time issues or you simply find the process difficult then an immigration lawyer will speed up the entire process and make it easier for you.

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