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Your hobby can help you in making money

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All of you have some hobby like photography, reading, dancing, singing and many more. So, why don’t you make this hobby a source of earning income. It may sound weird that how come hobby can help you in earning income. But, it is true if your hobby is photography and you are passionate for it then, you can use your skills for making money. A new company has come in business named This company organizes various online photography competitions where the skilled as well as non skilled participants can take part.

For participation you have to pay certain fees and then you will be given a topic on which you will click photos. After this, you will upload the photos online and the winner will be decided.  Even they also give prize money to the winning participants. The prize money is decided on the number of entries that are made for participating.  This type of competition is organized online that’s why anyone can participate in it from any corner of the world.


A pool of prize is made for every contest and whenever a new entry is made for the competition, 50% of the entry fee is deducted and is added to the prize pool which increases the amount of prize. The prize amount is given in the form of Amazon gift vouchers. The competition that is organized can be related to anything such as it may be travelling photography, street photo, scenario photos and many more. So, if you think that you are a good photographer and your skills must come in front of the audience, you should participate in this competition.

There are many benefits of participating in such competitions such as you will learn how to face the crowd, you will learn new techniques of photography and the certificates provided by them can be helpful for you in making you future career.

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